HALFTOYS – Definitely not Half the Fun

We were introduced to Halftoys when it was gifted to Isaac as one of his Christmas presents. The
Parasaurolophus structure has also become one of his favourite “bring out” toys which he packs in his bag wherever he goes.

To be honest, when we saw the packaging of the box, it did not look like much. All we saw was a figurine of a Parasaurolophus, which was actually already enough to make our little dino fan happy. Little did we know there was going to be even more fun within.

In the box are :

1 x Magnetic Para skin
1 x Para skeleton structure
1 x Carton-board diorama backdrop
1 x Carton-board diorama landscape (Tree, lake, etc.)
1 x Para instruction booklet

Definitely goes without saying that the first thing that intrigued Isaac was the skeleton structure of his dinosaur because he can dismantle and put together the pieces of bones.

Then comes the fixing of the habitat of his Para as well as his favourite food – the rat. All made out of carton board. How smart is that? We can actually remove the pieces and keep them back into the box when we are done playing with them. It does not even take up much space.

When we were done putting up the landscape, he couldn’t be more pleased to add his Para to his collection at his dino corner.

The next thing he asked was – “Is there a triceratops halftoy?”.