Ian is One-derful!

The first three months with Ian seemed like a long time to me. Probably because he was a challenging baby, especially with sleeping, I only adapted to his sleeping habits when he was over 3 months of age. After that, time flew by. Just like that, he turned one.

2020 is a crazy year. Mainly because of covid 19, we are home a lot. School was out for Isaac since March, and he only started going back this week. Daddy has been working from home ever since the circuit breaker. To think of it, it is not all that bad. We spent a lot more time together since we are all stuck indoors together.

I started planning and looking for venues to hold Ian’s birthday celebration ever since he was 3 months old, before the whole covid saga went out of control. It disappointed me we could not hold a celebration with the extended family like what we did on Isaac’s first birthday. But everyone’s safety comes first! Instead, we had 3 intimate gatherings with grandparents and cousins as well as family friends.


Having a rough idea of what I already wanted, I bought the following from Shopee :

  1. Paper fans – $13.90
  2. Alphabet balloons – $0.45 per alphabet
  3. Paper tassels – $1.42 per colour
  4. Happy birthday banner – $1.30

Total cost for DIY backdrop amounted to about $25.00

I also made a milestone board for Ian, which only cost me $17 to print it out in A1 size at Sunshine Plaza.


They had to be eggless since Ian is allergic to eggs. We had a classic one from Emicakes, and 2 customized cakes from Nesuto. I was not aware that Nesuto bakes eggless cakes but luckily for a friend who bakes, she managed to get them customized on my behalf. All I did was told them that I wanted something colourful and I left it to them to create. Here’s what we got.

First cake was Vanilla flavoured.

Second cake was a strawberry short cake

I love how pretty both cakes look, especially the second cake. To complete the pretty cake, I got a holographic cake topper which is now kept in Ian’s keepsakes box.

The Birthday Boy

Taking a photo with the birthday boy was challenging. We had to make sure he had enough rest before the party started so he wouldn’t be cranky. Here are some photos of him.

I am sure he will not remember the parties we threw for him, but I will surely share these photos with him, just like how we let Isaac watch his first birthday video when he is older.

Happy 1st birthday, my little one

Thank you for coming into our lives and making it more colourful. Even though you are one tough baby to handle, I am just grateful to watch you grow healthy and happy every single day. Please grow up to be kind like your big brother. We love you more than you know!


Hello there, my name is Priscilla. I am the co-creator of 2 boys, Isaac and Ian who bring nothing but joy to my life. 5 years into parenthood and i am still trying to find a balance in being a mother and wife. Having too little photos of my childhood, I try to take as many photos of my kiddos for keepsake whenever possible. It certainly makes me look like an overly-obsessed mum but i assure you i am not. I am just obsessed. I look forward to sharing my adventures and experiences as a mum on this space.

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