Escalator Scare at Waterway Point – 29 November 2019

With an infant in my carrier, we heard loud clanking sounds before the steps popped up right before my eyes. I was just a step away from that dislodged step.

I hugged my baby with my shivering arms and turned around asking the crowd to go back up.

Can’t believe this happened again at Waterway Point because the last incident happened exactly 2 months ago! The building maintenance team seriously need to look into the maintenance of the escalators.

** Update on 2nd December 2019 **

I was told that the cause of the dislodgement was due to the use of strollers on the escalator. I looked back at Waterway Point’s FB page and saw this notice :

In fact, I have also read up and found that most of the escalator malfunction cases are due to the use of prams. I believe most parents are pushing their prams on the escalators because the lifts are usually packed. But for all others’ safety, please use the lifts instead. Read reference from CNA.

To prevent further incidents as such, perhaps the malls can start putting up barriers to stop users from pushing the strollers on the escalators.

Author: Pris

Hello there, my name is Priscilla. I am the co-creator of 2 boys, Isaac and Ian who bring nothing but joy to my life. 5 years into parenthood and i am still trying to find a balance in being a mother and wife. Having too little photos of my childhood, I try to take as many photos of my kiddos for keepsake whenever possible. It certainly makes me look like an overly-obsessed mum but i assure you i am not. I am just obsessed. I look forward to sharing my adventures and experiences as a mum on this space.

13 thoughts on “Escalator Scare at Waterway Point – 29 November 2019”

  1. No offence but there’s signage saying prams & strollers aren’t allowed on escalators. By taking the risk of knowing it isn’t allowed, do u think is still maintenance issue when it’s only after the wheels of the pram/stroller get stuck when the escalator is moving then the escalator stops?

    1. Hi, no offence taken. I do not know if this was really caused by someone’s pram since the pram has already moved off from the escalator when I was about to get off. But if you are adamant that this is caused by a pram just like the incident 2 months back, clearly people are still pushing prams on the escalators despite the signages. For the safety of all other patrons of the malls, I believe the management could have put up preventive measures like placing barriers (metal poles) before the escalators to stop people from pushing the prams onto the escalators after the first incident. Prevention is always better than cure.

      1. There have been signs warning parents not to bring prams and strollers onto the escalators for decades, in shopping malls, MRT stations, etc. and to use the lifts instead. And your suggestion is to erect metal barriers???

    2. Hi there, I would also like to add that I have updated the post to encourage shoppers with prams to use the lifts instead.
      Thanks for reaching out!

  2. Nobody would like to use the escalator for their prams if not because able-bodied assholes fill up the lifts when they can easily take the escalators! Go have a look at SK mrt and you will know what I mean!

    1. Fair enough but it means u put urself in the small lil % of risk while not wanting to just wait for just a lil while. It also takes just a little while for such things to happen. Think further and u will know what i meant =)

  3. The first question I’ll like to asked is. Where does this escalator originated from? There a saying, you pay a penny, you get only peanuts. In the past 4 to 5 years, several such incidents of escalator fatality have occurred in CHINA. Saying that baby carrier was the cause…? Can the building management assures the public that not using those baby carrier will not causes any further incident?

  4. Look at the escalator collapse in HK malls and now Singapore. HK analyse the cause and found that people abuse it by stomping up and down.
    The idea of the escalator is to facilitate people to move up and down. All you need to do is stand on it and you will be brought up or down smoothly, BUT some Singaporeans tends to run up or down stomping the steps. This has resulted in the steps being abused and start to breakdown. Many times I have experience these people shoving me aside on the escalator and just stomping down the steps (heavily)…..
    They should stop these practise or go use the stairs…….

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