Net Fishing for Kids

Last night after dinner, we had this impromptu idea to bring Isaac fishing at Fish@Bugis+. Who would have thought that there’d be a place to catch prawns and small fishes on the roof-garden of a shopping mall?

For $15, we are given and small tank and a fishing net to fish for an hour. Children are allowed to go remove their shoes to go into the pond and catch the fishes.

Rules of fishing

  1. Children have to be below 12 years old and able to fish without assistance
  2. Children can only use the net to catch the fishes
  3. Parents are not allowed to help with the fishing
  4. Parents cannot help the children to catch the fish
  5. No sharing of nets

As expected, in Isaac’s excitement to catch the fish, he squat and got his shorts and t-shirt wet. Fortunately, we have the habit of bringing spare clothes when ever we go out.

I had thought that it would be quite easy to catch the fishes but I was so wrong. Hence, I was so happy and proud when the little one caught his very first fish. At the end of the day, we went home with 8 fishes and a happy boy who got to keep them as pets.

some of the fishes

Fun at eXplorerkid @ Downtown east

On 23rd April 2016, the Punggol babies  spent the morning together at eXplorerkid @ Downtown East. The minute Zara boarded the car, she kept saying “we are going to the slide! Wheee!” This girl is just too funny! The kiddos’ could not contain their excitement when we arrived. They took out their footwear and put on their socks as quickly as they could. Within a few minutes, they were out of sight while I spent most of the time with toddler Isaac.

The indoor playground was divided into sections, I shall sequence it based on the sequence of what I saw.

Sand Play area :
Playing with sand has always been something I’ve considered bringing Isaac to do when he is slightly older, because I believe that not only is it a great sensory ‘toy’ for him as he learns to manipulate his hands by molding the sand, it also promotes his creativity at low, or no cost. This was Isaac’s first encounter with the kinetic sand. He cringed the moment he touched it.

Evidently, he did not like what he touched
Evidently, he did not like what he touched

As the hubs took Isaac to play elsewhere, I spent some time with Missy Z making shapes and buildings with the sand. Every time I was done building, she’d tell me “I cut the car, I cut the boat!” Then she proceeds to use the spade to poke poke at what I’ve made. Here’s the cheeky girl trying to make her own castle.

Mega Play :
Although this area is more suitable for the older kids, that did not stop Isaac from having a go at climbing the obstacles. I know most toddlers have learnt to walk by 12 months old, but Isaac has yet to start walking.  One thing i must say though, he is a really good climber. His determination is pretty impressive too!

Mega Play area for kids aged 4 and above
Mega Play area for kids aged 4 and above
Isaac on one of the obstacles


Ball pit :
What’s an indoor playground without the ball pit? At eXplorerkid, this is no exception. In fact, there are two ball pits. One for the older kids, one at the toddler area.

Isaac looking at the older kids in the bigger ball pit
Isaac looking at the older kids playing in the bigger ball pit

Toddler area :
I spent the most time hanging around the toddler play area because Isaac loved the little stations here!little stations

He spent the most time in the kitchen pretending to cook up a storm. He also pretended to be a vet in the pet shop.

Head Chef at work
Head Chef at work
Anyone looking for Doctor Lin?
Anyone looking for Doctor Lin?


He also had fun pushing himself along on the ride on toy.

Apart from the ball pit, there is also a mini slide, and a not so mini Ship slide.

mini slide for toddlers
mini slide for toddlers
Ship slide
Ship slide

To be honest, this slide is actually quite steep. Missy A and myself actually got abrasions on our elbows when we came down on this slide. Did not have the same problem with the other slides in this playground.

Adventure highlands :
Personally, I feel that this has got to be the most interesting part of eXplorerkid @ Downtown East to me. It challenges children to complete a rope course in a circuit of suspended bridge which aims to build their confidence and motor skills.

Adventure Highlands
Adventure Highlands – Kids have to be at least 110cm in height

It was definitely a fun filled morning for the kids and a tiring day for the adults.

For more information on the play rates or birthday party packages, you may check out their website here.