Baby Food Allergy and Skin Prick Test at KKH

When we weaned Ian at 6 months old, we realised he had allergic reactions to eggs. Actually, it was only during the second occurrence when it caught my attention. The first time it happened, I had dismissed it as drool rash as he was always drooling (teething) and had eczema on his cheeks. But the second time he had a reaction, it was a lot more severe and almost instantly after he had consumed the egg so I immediately knew something was wrong. He had rashes on his cheeks, neck, wrists and hands. His eyes also swelled. As it was the Circuit Breaker period, I video called a doctor immediately. The doctor advised us to monitor him and look out for breathlessness or choking as these would be signs we have to bring him to the nearest A&E ASAP. The scary thing about food allergy is that it gets more severe with each occurrence. Thankfully, the swelling and rashes subsided about 45mins after. I took a photo of him so it would be easier to share it with the medical team if it required further attention. This was how he looked 30 mins after eating the egg.

After that incident, we stopped introducing new food to him until we had a food allergy test done which we had scheduled with KKH.

Skin Prick Test

On the day of the appointment, Ian was first assessed by the doctor before sending us off to get the test done.

Due to covid 19, only 1 accompanying adult to each patient can be allowed in the clinic. There were very few people, and those who were there adhered to the social distancing practice, which is great.

I was clueless how this would turn out and was a tad worried because it sounded painful. Luckily, it was really not that painful because Ian did not cry at all during the procedure. The medical staff briefed us about what are the allergens she will testing for and how she would do it. As the test would be carried out on Ian’s back, I hugged him facing me. They first cleaned his back with the alcohol wipes followed by labelling the allergens they are testing for with a pen. Basically, writing on Ian’s back. The little one could not contain his chuckles because it was ticklish. Once the labelling was done, little pricks containing the allergens were done. Think of it as minor scratches. Everything was done quickly with no tears, no screaming. We were told to wait for allergy reactions (rash) and the medical staff will measure the size of the rash to determine if there are positive allergy results. As expected, Ian tested positive to be allergic to eggs. The only question I had in mind was if he could still eat by products of eggs, like cakes or biscuits.

Once we got the results, we went back to see the doctor who suggested a blood test, and a baked egg challenge to see if he can consume by-products of eggs. That would likely be the end of this month. I am keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed that he can consume them without issues. A comforting thought is that most kids with egg allergy outgrow them by 3 years old. Will update the procedure again when we have completed it.


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