Restaurant Standard Fish & Chips at Ci Yuan Hawker Centre

Our kids love chips and anything fried! So we always had problem ordering food for them when we dine out, but THIS Fish & Chips at Ci Yuan Hawker Centre is one that we will travel just to have it.

Yummy Fish & Chip at Ci Yuan Hawker Centre

Ci Yuan Hawker Centre is located within the Ci Yuan Community Club along Hougang Avenue 9, and has 40 cooked food stalls, and can seat up to 640 people. Food prices at this Hawker Centre are also kept lower than your usual foodcourts, you can find dishes at $2.80 per serving and drinks at less than $1.00.

And they have family friendly tables and seats too! See how these table and seats are lower than the rest? Fits our two girls nicely. Love it!

This yummy fish & chips is from stall #01-27 known as The Pasta Shop, owned by the same people from Ristorante Da Valentino at The Grandstand. At this stall at Ci Yuan Hawker Centre, you get restaurant quality Italian food at value-for-money price.

Besides this fish and chips, there are many more food options to try, you can check out Miss Tam Chiak’s feature of 17 Must Try Stalls at Ci Yuan Hawker Center. This new hawker centre also has one unique payment system at all their 40 food stalls. Spot that red counter at front of all stalls, this is their e-payment solution. All payment transactions are done through this system, allowing the stall owners to free themselves from handling cash thus more hygienic too.

I very kaypoh, so I checked out this payment solution from behind the counter too. The system is designed in such a way that everyone will be able to use it without much hassle.

When making payment for your food, you just need to insert you notes or coins into the system and it will automatically provide you with change. If you’re wondering if the system will dispense only coins if you were to insert a $50-notes for a $7.00 meal, you don’t have to worry as the system will dispense notes too for change. So smart!

I’m so glad that these smart e-payment solutions are spotted almost everywhere we go. The new self-checkout counters at Fairprice Finest at Waterway Point also accepts cash and works so simply!

Have you seen any other similar solutions too? Or if you have tried the food stalls at Ci Yuan Hawker Centre, please do share which one is good too.

We’ll be back for sure!


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  1. Shirley says:

    Try the carbonara if you like creamy pasta. Its al dente! ? My kids have it every wk.

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